Digital Marketing

Cross Media – Integrated and digital simultaneously

Likes, followers, shares, interaction, unique content.

Social media and digital marketing are here to stay.The overall communication has to have a holistic approach cross media. The message has to be relevant to fit each media and still being true to the brand and the overall campaign. Enjoy.

CAD BIM Objects – a new buzzword (and tool) for architects cross Europe and US. VELUX Modular Skylights was a frontrunners in this matter giving the tool away for free.

The campaign combine Digital-, Social-, Retarget- and Direct Marketing.

A first-ever app that lets you redesign your existing space. Play with daylight and see it in a virtual reality simulation.

The campaign combine Digital-, Social-, Retarget- and Content Marketing.

A virtual reality app to bring grand architecture to everyone. Experience it for yourself with just a smartphone or a pair of VR goggles.

The campaign combine Digital-, Permission-, Social- and Retarget Marketing.

A classic integrated marketing campaign from 2011. At that time it was certainly digital, but seen in the rearview mirror it can only be referred to as digital light. 

The three campaigns combine TV commercials, classic display banners and several campaign website.