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Digital Marketing


The customer jurney – cross media.
Integrated and digital simultaneously.

Integrated Communication

(Marketing Models)

The holistic approach. Clear and sharp message in every media on every platform.



Current and retrospective work.
Illustrated into an easy overview.



Abilities and disciplines.
The bigger the toolbox, the better the insight.

I’ve always enjoyed working with Rasmus. He instantly understands the scope of your project and is fast to draw up creative suggestions based on his wide channel knowledge. He is open and reflective to feedback and makes sure to deliver a complete and comprehensive solution. Last, but not least, he’s the fastest and most productive art director I’ve ever worked with!
Tina Mobeck
Project Manager, VELUX A/S
High spirits and high professional level. Rasmus is fast as lightning and a talented creative, both when it comes to understanding and sparring on the brief, and executing concepts and content. He works structured and his overview of complicated product ranges is exceptional. He is alway up for creative sparring over a cup of coffee. Enjoyed every day of the last 10 years.
Anne Skarbye
Senior Art Director
I have had the pleasure of working with Rasmus through many years and within a large range of subjects. Rasmus is both fast and skilled, and he is unique in the sense that he is equally strong with both sides of the brain, so to speak. Very creative and also with a deep knowledge and a great ability to process and communicate complicated issues.
Lis Norup

Seize the opportunities – branding and marketing cut down to basics

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Hisense video commercial for all POWER shops in the Nordic Countries. This video is being played on all screens in all departments inside the POWER shops. Furthermore it is playing on the small screens at the paying booths during the summer of 2024.


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