CAD/BIM Objects – a VELUX Modular Skylights digital and integrated campaign

The campaign target architects cross Europe and US, and aims to generate downloads of CAD tools with BIM Objects. The tools are free of charge and will help the architects in their daily work. The tools are soon to become a legal requirement in all EU-countries but for now it is just a smarter way of working. BIM stands for Building Information Modelling.

Above is the flowchart of the overall campaign. The campaign will generate traffic to the VMS CAD/BIM site and it will create visibility in search on Google and YouTube. 


By touchpoint on the VELUX site a retargeting flow will start: creating awareness, inspiration, reference cases, sign up for newsletter and the possibility to specify a project with a Pro. In co-operation with architect blogs, sponsor banners will execute towards architects. All elements are created to get the architects to download BIM objects, gather leads for the VMS database and help the sales personnel to approach and convert the leads subsequently.

Create awareness online

CAD/BIM movie for Facebook and YouTube (In-Display and In-Stream (Pre-Roll)).

Owner: VELUX A/S
Marketing Manager: Adam Rasmussen
Advertising Agency: VELUX CS
Art Director/Copy: Rasmus Harnung
Art Buyer: Anders Lundgren
Production: STORM Production

Video display banners for the web and as companion banner on YouTube.

Topics: Quality Control

Topics: Superior Performance 

Topics: Minimalistic Design 

Topics: Unique Co-creation.

Several supporting movies for Social Media was developed. The approach in these films was mainly case driven. These three movies show Quality Control, Better Indoor Climate and a construction case in large scale. 


CAD/BIM movie on YouTube – In-Display and In-Stream

The movie did the job. Within a 14 days test period the statistics showed, that with the same media pressure the VMS-team would be able to get the required CAD/BIM downloads, that they wanted within the given time frame.

CAD/BIM Video and Image on Facebook

CAD/BIM video on Facebook.

Image ad promption download of CAD/BIM objects.

Be visible in search (SEO)

Specific search words that triggers VELUX Modular Skylights in search results:

Organic search:

Specific search:

Optimized VMS website – receiving all the leads

VMS landing page.
(Main page).

Download CAD/BIM.
The campaign landing page (sub-page).

VELUX Daylight Visualizer.
An additional free CAD program for architects (Sub-page).

Retargeting Banners

When a lead have entered the VMS website, the site will set an marker on the IP-address. The VMS-team can now follow the leads and drive them further down the sales funnel. The banners were shown both as display banners and as video banners in the owner of the IP-address browser.
If an architect have visited the site and did not download the CAD/BIM tools. These banners will show themselves as a 4 level rocket in their browser.

Topic: Download for free

Topic: Testimonial 

Topic: Pre-fabrication makes your job easier

Topic: Better indoor comfort 

After a download of CAD/BIM tools these banners will appear next in line. They are designed to confirm the architects in their choice of downloading the CAD/BIM tools. The topics are now case driven to inspire the architects and encourage them, to design with the tools for themselves.

Case: Siemens

Case: DSV Headquarter

Case: Hal C – Stadium

Architect Blogs

A newsletter from Archdaily and the correspondent site at The VMS-team made an longturm agreement with the architect blog: ArchDaily. They brought through 2016 and 2017 four to six posts a year in their newsletter featuring, solutions, material, downloads and reference cases.

Off-line activities and second wave digital – SoMe movies

A wide range of campaign elements have been developed to support and integrate the on-line activity. Check them out, go to campaigns.

The second wave of social media movies have already been made. They are designed to create focused attention on all the advantages that the modular skylights hold. Check them out, go to VMS SoMe. 

Direct Marketing/Newsletter

As part of further inspiration and keeping the architects up to date with news on skylights in general, VMS offer to sign-up to recieve the newsletter, Rooflights.

The Newsletter “Rooflights” as shown in the architects mail box.

The newsletter correspond with the VMS website. Here the Siemens Case as seen in the Case Section on the website.

The Building Solution Gallery from the inspiration part of the website.