Play with daylight and space until you find the perfect setup. Then experience it in 360° or virtual reality – it’s all in the MyDaylight app.

It’s a new way to renovate. Armed with just a mobile phone, you can be your own architect, design your renovation plans and creative ideas before you get down to work.

The free MyDaylight app visualises how daylight can make your dream room seem bigger and more inviting, adding more value to every square metre.

The app is developed by VELUX, and is thought as a tool to give end users better possibilities to create, understand and experience, what more daylight can do for their quality of life.

Create awareness online

Tutorial movie
The first movie is all about explaining what the app can do for you. It is not aimed to surprise or to be extremely creative – just to inform in a compelling matter.

Owner: VELUX A/S
Project Manager: Tina Mobeck
Advertising Agency: VELUX CS
Idea: Rasmus Harnung/Jeanifer Brekling
Copywriter: Jeanifer Brekling
Art Director: Rasmus Harnung
Production: STORMZ Production

Social media post / Sponsor movie 
Short and sweat. This movie is besides a SoMe post also thought to be used on television as a sponsor breaker between two programmes. 

Posts for Facebook

A standard carousel for advertising on Facebook. The posts promote the possibilities with the app. Here we see a room with a before scene, the simulation in 360˚ (from inside the app) and the scene after the renovation.  

A standard square ad for Facebook. It is a still image which statistically have the greatest impact.

A standard 16:9 ad for Facebook. It is made as an tripartition with a call to action to either download right away or read more, visit the website.

Step inside a dome
Explore the 360˚ effect with your smartphone it is almost as being there yourself. The rooms are made with a stunning roof window solution. When exploring with the phone the app-logo and a campaign tagline appear hovering in the air. The dome effect of course works splendid in Facebook.

To create some attention to the app, the good old 80ties effect – stop-motion – have been pulled out of the closet and brushed off. Enjoy.

MyDaylight campaign landing page

The landing page for the MyDaylight app appear as an individual brand. There are no sign af the VELUX brand and the name is only mentioned once. At this point it is all about the idea of creating more space with daylight.

Retarget Marketing

Being in contact with the landing page or having downloaded the app, a retargeting mechanism will begin. Several markers are build in the app and can follow the users creations of their virtual room. When the user proceed with all the steps in a normal pace, nothing happens. If the user don’t proceed as predicted the following retargeting campaign begins. Steps can be skipped by and followed by the next if the user have already done that part.

Retargeting banner 1
Ready for a brighter view?
Downloaded the app, but not opened it yet.

Retargeting banner 2
Ready to glimpse the future?
Opened the app, but haven’t tried it yet

At this level in the app it is necessary to sign up and give away an e-mail. The simulations, that the users have created themselves, will take up to 20 minutes to render, depending on the users bandwidth/Wi-Fi. When the rendering is finished, an e-mail will be send out, stating it is time to experience the simulated room.

Retarget and Direct Marketing

Retargeting banner 3
Ready to test drive your grand designs?
Played with the app, but haven’t asked for a simulation yet.

DM send to the users e-mail box
A request to proceed, explore and try out a simulation in 360˚.

Retargeting banner 4
Ready to explore the power of more daylight?
Received the simulation, but haven’t opened and tried it in 360˚ yet.

DM send to the users e-mail box
The simulation is ready – try it out in 360˚.

Retargeting banner 5
So what is next step?
Having tried the app and seen one or two simulations. Now you are ready to proceed with more inspiration.

DM send to the users e-mail box
Move forward with your project. Several ways to get inspiration and sign up for a pair of free VR googles.

Content Marketing

At this point, and with this tool, it is the first time, that the end users have been able to be their own architects. Proceeding in the same spirit giving the end users possibilities to choose and enlightened them with good advice about interior design, kitchens, bathrooms, light, daylight, legislation, health, how to proceed with an installer etc. 

The landing page for more inspiration.
Now the content is placed under a VELUX branded website to guide the end users further in their journey. 

This sub-page outlay the different places to install a roof window. 

This sub-page describe the benefits of daylight.

This sub-page gives the instant wow effect of a before / after situation.