Hovedvejens Dyreklinik

Just because you are an animal vet, you don’t have to express clinical and boring design.The owner of Hovedvejens Dyreklinik have close ties to Ethiopia in Africa and is a big admire of local African arts and crafts.
The basic idea in this new design was inspired of African art from Ethiopia, Zimbabwe and Tanzania and their local batik fabric mixed with drawings of typical danish pets. A whole new identity and visual expression was developed.

This digital marketing case is “digital light” in it’s basic and simple form. It involves Facebook posts, a website and new design and marketing elements for the clinic. See how it was played out both online and offline here. Enjoy.

New logo and visuel identity

Shapes, patterns and logotypes are based on original African artwork.

Social media posts for facebook

From the vet clinics facebook profile the posts was sent out to costumers and followers.


A whole new design for the website.


For the recieving areas in the reception at the vet clinic, these two posters was developed. They welcome the clients with a wide range of animal illustrations and the important and basic information about openings hours and the 24/7 animal guard phone.


Four different postcards designs. They are given away at the reception of the vet clinic – free of charge – after a pet visit.

A collector’s item – four new designs are in the planning.