VELUX Denmark

VELUX Denmark is the Sales Office of the mother company VELUX A/S, located in Denmark. In the VELUX family referred to as a small country against the much larger markets in e.g. Germany, France and GB.
Never the less much af the main marketing material for the VELUX family have over the years been developed in Hørsholm, Denmark and was often used in the danish market as a first runner country and test market. 

It is not cheap to install a VELUX window and the process are often associated with a lot of considerations before the final decision is made to buy a roof window – and this process takes time.
The customers are often seeking information and come back for inspiration and hard figures more than once. To help the end users in their voyage, printed ads (for attention), brochures (as a reference and inspiration tool) and the website have been main marketing tools for VELUX Denmark for decades.

For Indoor Decoration and Home & Garden magazines

All ideas and concepts on ads and brochures are created with copywriter Torben Thornæs Andersen in cooperation with Marketing Manager for VELUX Denmark: Helle Kallestrup.

Main Brochure
Inspirational angle and an “easy to find” approach with the roof slope and loft construction as entrance to the index. “Find the best solution by looking at your own house”.

Guide and Price List
Everything the end user have to consider before their final decision is described in 8 easy steps. After a thorough consideration the prices can be looked up in tables afterwards. 

Sun Protection and Blinds
It is possible to regulate the indoor climate in several different ways with a full blown rooflight solution. For your comfort, health and well-being. 

Clean and unlimited energy
When the decision for a rooflight is taken it is not a long road to travel to take the next step towards solar panels – for a much cleaner and environment friendly world. Does it matter, that you save money in the process?.

The rest of the brochures
VELUX Denmark have chosen to divide the product programme into nine different topics. Four of them are shown above the other five are shown as front pages here. Energy Efficiency, Design, Service, Flat Roof and Sun Tunnel.

Web Design
VELUX marketing site have over the years grown and sprouted in several directions. It have become rather extended – some might say unmanageable. To see a elegant solution that works. Go to the following area of VELUX web pages and UI Design.