VELUX Modular Skylights

The proven choice in skylights in commercial buildings throughout Europe. Amazing, taken in consideration, that this new skylight system from VELUX was only invented in 2011. In that small period of time, this innovative new building component have established it selves as a major player within the commercial market of rooflight.

The system was developed in co-operation with the famous UK based architect firm: Foster + Partners. The simplicity and cleverness of the pre-fabricated modules is a contribution to the building industry by pushing sophisticated building elements forward.

Show the solution.
Image based ads for magazines cross Europe. They tell about the never seen before co-operation with Foster+Partners. The splash encourage the architects to download the free CAD/BIM tools from VELUX.

Who is better to convince an architect about the quality of a building component than another architect, who have actually used it.

5 easy steps – job done!
Ads targeted constructors, the persons in the architect firm who actually construct and draw the blueprints for the future buildings. 

Main Brochure
First handbook (in a trilogy), an important tool for the architects in their daily work. Outline the basics information about the modules and gives inspiration. 

Technical Handbook
Second handbook (in a trilogy), maybe the most important tool for the architects in their daily work. This book goes into depth with all technical and regulatory information about the modules. 

Electrical Handbook
Third handbook (in a trilogy), an important tool for the architects in their daily work. Outline the basics information about how to operate and connect the modules. 

For every solution there is a manual on how to create the sub-construction. 

What better sales argument is it to share the stories of success. Here are some of the many case-based brochures with commercial buildings, including VELUX Modular Skylights, from locations cross Europe.

Siemens Head Office, Denmark

Roskilde Cathedral School, Denmark

Assenburg Shopping Mall, Netherlands

Dream Hill Kindergarten, Denmark

St. Francis Primary School, Isle of White, UK

Sågbäck High School, Sweden

An installation case (Siemens), Denmark

Online and digital campaign

Every single piece of the different marketing elements shown here is integrated with everything that have been done online. Take a glimpse on the VMS website below.
Want to see how the holistic approach cross media is managed, try to visit the VMS Digital Marketing case here:

Highlights from the VMS website

Tachnical Data (Sub-page).
The most sought page when architects look for information.

Download (Sub-page).
All the tools that an architect can use in his daily work can be reached here.

Contact (Sub-page).
It has to be easy to come in contact with the VMS Team.