Cephalon Pharma

Myocet from Cephalon is the name of their medication for treatment of brest cancer. They wanted to have a new joint expression from the four Nordic contries. The design had to be liftet up to date with a new graphical and catchy look.

A long range of marketing material was developed referring back to the overall communication platform. The elements had to embrace all the opinion makers, stakeholders and doctors.

Ads for medical papers and magazines.

Copywriter: Tina Nørgaard
Art Director: Rasmus Harnung


Product Monograph

Speaker’s Kit.
A collection of all the material for the Doctors in electronic form. Underneath is shown exampels from the over 100 page large Power Point underlining all the facts, surveys and clinical research.

Gimmick – heart shaped squeeze ball

Roll-up’s for exhibitions and business promotion.